Language as remembrance

Anyone who has studied Heidegger with mindfulness (Besinnung) will appreciate the heroic efforts at which the German philosopher struggled against the forgetting of being (Seinsvergessenheit) in the Western metaphysical tradition.
In his postwar works, Heidegger placed great emphasis on the power of language as a gathering place of what forgetting of being is not, i.e., remembrance of being. Being is retrieved (wiedergeholt) from memory (Gedächtnis) in the uncovering that is the clearing of being (Lichtung des Seins) that language can guide us to, even if the philosophical signposts (Wegweiser) are not readily found in the obscure wooded paths (Holzwege) that have to be travelled in Dasein‘s daily struggle – if mindfulness has been invited into its being with itself and others – against the collective amnesia of the question of being in the “they”, das Man.

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